Saturday, March 05, 2005

who is j. scales?

J.Scales is a poet, yes...and so much more. She
also plays bass, percussion, and various other
instruments, sings, and produces her own music.
Sometimes she even collaborates with other artists to
help them bring their own ideas to fruition.
J.Scales has performed in a variety of venues, from
the Lilith Fair (Merriweather Post Pavillion), to the
Nuyorican Cafe, to the Kennedy Center's Millenium
Stage, to the House of Blues in New Orleans.

Recently, he has been producing music for various
modern dance projects, including Women at Work (now
INSPIRIT Dance), Elizabeth Johnson of the Liz Lehrman
Dance Exchange, and has also performed live (bass,
vocals) with Gesel Mason, of Mason/Rhynes Productions,
in "No Less Black".

J.Scales would like to use music and poetry, to
explore such topics as sexuality, race, and
self-definition. She is also interested in using her
gifts in the area of the healing arts.